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Editorial Guidelines

About Energy Harvest
Energy Harvest is a quarterly energy publication provided by Penergy Media (Pty) Ltd focused on energy businesses and professionals in South Africa. The magazine offers consumers with comprehensive and cohesive information on various aspects of the energy sector in South Africa.

Industry experts create our specialised content to share perspectives and provoke discussion on energy issues that are critical to keep our readers informed and engaged.

Our content is relevant, timeless, empowering and focuses on industry developments, news and analysis, regulatory insights, policy news and analysis, industry challenges and opportunities, legislative changes, relevant case law, technology news, expert opinions on industry matters, company profiles, and career development.

Penergy Media will accept features, columns, Q&A interviews, case studies, and similar editorial formats that are relevant to businesses and professionals in the gas, petroleum and electricity industries.

Commercial content promoting specific products will not be considered, unless its development was pre-sanctioned by the company for a particular purpose.

Format All articles must be in Word format, with double spacing, in a 12-point type size.
Article length The content of article will determine its lengths irrespective of the type, however articles should not reach a maximum of:
  • Features – 3000 words
  • Columns – 1000 words
  • Other articles – 2000 words
Writing style
  • All articles should be written in English.
  • The writing style should be clear, concise, conversational, direct and authoritative.
  • All authors must use active voice.
  • Avoid acronyms and industry jargon as much as possible.
  • Write or define acronyms in full at first occurrence and avoid using sentences involving more than one acronym.
  • Keep sentences short and simple, and define terms that may be unfamiliar to readers the first time they appear.
  • Double-check and verify all facts before submitting your manuscript.
  • Provide verifiable sources.
  • Use in-text referencing and footnotes to credit other sources.
  • Each manuscript should be accompanied by a list of resources on the topic at hand: relevant books and reports, conferences, and contacts’ names, phone numbers, and email addresses.
Graphics, photos & illustrations
  • All images should include a credit, caption, and permission information.
  • JPGS, EPS, TIF, or PDF file formats acceptable.
  • Provide high-quality, high-resolution images (photos, figures, charts, graphs, and so on) with files.
  • Send tables in Word or Excel files.
Videos Short, succinct and high-quality videos must be submitted if necessary to support the content of the article, in any video format.

Submission of Articles
  • Please submit your Word document together with image and video files (if any) as email attachments or ask the editor for a file-sharing service if your supporting files (artwork or videos) are too large. Please submit additional side notes to explain technical concepts and equations used in your article (if necessary).
  • Please submit a short author biography, headshot, suggested topic/title for the article, and contact details to be published with your article. Articles must be sent to editorial@penergymedia.com with the subject line ‘Editorial Submission’.
  • Please indicate in your email whether the manuscript was previously published or submitted to other publications for consideration.
Content Review Process

Articles will be reviewed within a month of receipt. The author will be informed whether the article has been accepted, rejected, or reserved for further consideration once the initial review process is completed. For successful articles, the author may be required to review and enhance the article for publication. Articles may be edited for length, grammar, clarity, and layout where necessary without the author’s consent.

Successful articles will be reserved for publication in an appropriate upcoming issue. Penergy Media reserves the right to use parts of the articles (e.g., the title or opening paragraph or author’s name) to market upcoming issues on various media platforms including social media.


Articles will be reviewed and paid on per word basis according to prevailing industry rates. Please send your invoice to Penergy Media once your article is published.

Penergy Media reserves the right to reuse the content material in all its publishing platforms without prior consent from the author once payment is made, including the use of material for marketing purposes.


Please send queries or comments via email to editorial@penergymedia.com to the attention of the Editor.