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Penergy Media offers a niche trade magazine that tackles
the challenges within the South African energy sector.

About Energy Harvest

For Businesses and Energy Professionals

This publication offers comprehensive and cohesive information on various aspects of the energy sector in South Africa, with the intent to empower professionals to become rounded experts in their fields and help business to thrive in their operating environment with information that aids in the fulfilment of their statutory obligations.

Energy Harvest critically examines industry developments against policy and regulatory perspectives, with the aim of allowing a deeper understanding of the energy sector, in a way that stimulates solution-driven discourse.

What's in Energy Harvest?

Our content is relevant, fresh and timeless and focuses on industry developments, news and analysis, regulatory insights, policy news and analysis, industry challenges and opportunities, legislative changes, relevant case law, technology news, expert opinions on industry matters, company profiles, and career development.

Industry experts create our specialised content to share perspectives and provoke discussion on energy issues that are critical to an informed and engaged reader-base.

Energy Harvest & Innovation

We proudly boast a series of firsts in our industry:

  • First South African-focused energy magazine by a young black female South African, which integrates the various facets of the energy businesses for easy access by industry professionals and businesses.
  • First energy publication that offers simultaneous, multi-dimensional views on topical energy matters.
  • The first energy publication that goes beyond reporting industry news, to interrogating issues with a deeper understanding, offering solutions to challenges and problems.
  • The first energy publication to coherently analyse and address challenges and policy hurdles in the context of transformation and inclusive development in the industry.
  • The first publication to encourage public discourse on energy matters with the aim to educate, inform, and empower users to become integrated thinkers on energy matters.
  • The first publication that empowers industry professionals with information on different career-development paths in their respective industry.

Future Products

Aiming for seamless interaction and global reach, we will be extending our services
with a diverse, energy-focused product offering.

Custom Mobile Apps

  • Energy Harvest magazine app for mobile-friendly access to our content
  • A series of custom mobile apps that provide specific insights and statistics on the energy sector in South Africa.

Energy Events Management

We will be creating and managing events that focus on topical issues in the energy sector, in multiple formats, to reinforce our drive to educate and empower industry professionals.

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